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Greetings from the Seedstress

Ann Amato

I'd never intended to wait so long to keep growing the store and adding to its  offerings but it took the last two years to really recover physically and mentally from some serious spinal injuries I've sustained over the last decade. Regular physical therapy has worked wonders on my SI joint and neck injuries. Now I'm back on board working a lot harder at what I love to do. Since I've already had one spinal surgery, I know what that entails, so I'm dedicated to not going through that again any time soon. 

More posts on seed sowing will appear in the coming weeks. The plan is to include a great deal of seed information on this site. I don't have every tool at my disposal, so I can only show basic techniques that I've used both at work and at home.  

Honestly, I'd love to try every neat new product, but I can't afford them, so please tell me about fun things you're using. I also don't have a greenhouse currently, but they do have advantages, so I may be posting a bit from the greenhouse at work. 

Please feel free to share ideas with me, but know that as of right now, I still have not yet figured out how to respond to comments on this blog. Hopefully I can ask a friend soon to help me if I don't figure out the plugin this week. (Wish me luck!)

Hope you're shopping for seeds like me and let me know what good stuff you find out there.




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