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Canna indica — Wild Canna Lily — 20 Seeds

Canna indica — Wild Canna Lily — 20 Seeds

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Common Names: Wild Canna Lily, Indian Shot, Edible Canna

Botanical Name: Canna indica

Plant Family: Cannaceae

Native Range: Most of South America, Central America, the West Indies, and the Southeastern United States

Life Cycle: Tropical annual or perennial that can be lifted and stored at the end of the growing season where not hardy

Hardiness Zone: USDA 8a-11

Habit: Plants grow 4-8 feet tall x 1-2 feet wide. 

Sun/Soil: Full sun in moist soil

Germination/Sowing: Needs to be scarified in order to germinate. These seeds have a very hard shell. (Additional instructions will be included with seeds.)

Growing/Care: This is the species Canna that drives hummingbirds wild with delight. Although they prefer damp soil, they can grow in average soil as well. 

Harvesting: Seeds are harvested in the fall after pods begins to dry. 

Culinary Uses: Roots are edible. They can be eaten raw but are usually baked. 

Medicinal Uses: None

Themes/Designs: Waste water, Tropical, Edible landscape, Hummingbird

Additional Notes: Seeds can be used for crafts, jewelry making, or in musical instruments (shakers).  

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