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Canna indica Seeds (Wild Canna Lily, Indian Shot)

Canna indica Seeds (Wild Canna Lily, Indian Shot)

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This is the species Canna that drives hummingbirds wild with delight. They're strong, grow quickly, and are borderline hardy in many areas. If they're not hardy in your area, it's very easy to lift and store them for the winter. 

In addition to being beautiful in the garden, Indian Shot has several other useful characteristics. In addition to having edible roots when dried, its seeds can be used for crafts or in musical instruments (shakers). 

These will flower the first year grown from seed. 

Germination instructions are included with your seeds. These seeds will need to be scarified in order to germinate and grow. (15 seeds)

Basic Plant Facts:
Canna indica
Grows 4-8' x 1-2'
Likes full sun
USDA zones: 8a-11

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