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Cyclamen hederifolium — Ivy-leaved Cyclamen — 20 Seeds

Cyclamen hederifolium — Ivy-leaved Cyclamen — 20 Seeds

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Common Names: Ivy-leaved Cyclamen, Hardy Cyclamen 

Botanical Name: Cyclamen hederifolium

Plant Family: Primulaceae

Native Range: Mediterranean region

Life Cycle: Tuberous perennial

Hardiness Zone: USDA zones 5a-9b

Habit: Grows 6 inches tall x 1 foot wide. Leaves appear in autumn followed but flowers. In summer the plants go dormant and that's when seed heads dry and open. 

Sun/Soil: Likes light shade in regular soil. 

Germination/Sowing: These seeds are easy to germinate but will require some experience. (Instructions will be included.) 

Growing/Care: Once germinated these will need to be grown on for a spell before planting out. 

Harvesting: N/A

Culinary Uses: N/A

Medicinal Uses: N/A

Themes/Designs: Mediterranean, Ecological, Low water, Formal

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