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Eschscholzia californica — California Poppy — 200 Seeds

Eschscholzia californica — California Poppy — 200 Seeds

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Common Names: California Poppy, Golden Poppy, California Sunlight, Cup of Gold

Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

Plant Family: Papaveraceae 

Native Range: Native to Mexico, California, and a few other states in the Western US. 

Life Cycle: Perennial/annual forb. (Grows ornamentally as an annual and will behave as one in places where winters are cold.)

Hardiness Zone: USDA zones 6a-10b

Habit: Plants will be 5 to 12 inches tall by about one foot wide. 

Sun/Soil: Full sun in poor to regular garden soil

Germination/Sowing: These seeds are easy to grow. (Instructions will be sent with seeds.)

Growing/Care: Once the seeds are planted little else will be needed to help them along. These plants do best when left on their own to do their thing. 

Harvesting: N/A

Culinary Uses: Petals can be used as a garnish. 

Medicinal Uses: Leaves have been used traditionally in herbal medicine. 

Themes/Designs: Mediterranean, Ecological, Low water, Pollinator, Meadow

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