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Helleborus orientalis Seeds (Hellebore, Lenten Rose)

Helleborus orientalis Seeds (Hellebore, Lenten Rose)

$ 4.50

Hellebores are some of the most beautiful plants in any garden. Here at our house, the're the plant that blooms first and blooms furiously. Neighbors—as well as strangers—repeatedly thank me for their cheerful appearance and that's because they bloom at the end of winter, at the time when we are all beginning to get a little bit tired of the weather and the early darkness (at least here in Portland). 

This seeds will be a mix of all of the plants seen in the images. I've done this because they are pollinated together anyway so you never know what you're going to get. 

Germination instructions are included with your seeds. I think these are easy to germinate if you are patient. I encourage you to plant them in the shade where they will get some water and forget about them for over a year. I let my flowers go to seed a few times before harvesting them all last year and I have babies all over the place. (15 seeds)

Basic Plant Facts:
Helleborus orientalis
Grows 18" x 18"
Likes partial to full shade
USDA zones: 4a-9b 

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