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Iris x sibirica — Siberian Iris — 20 Seeds

Iris x sibirica — Siberian Iris — 20 Seeds

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Common Names: Siberian Iris, Siberian Flag

Botanical Name: Iris x sibirica

Plant Family: Iridaceae

Native Range: Eastern Europe to Central Asia

Life Cycle: Rhizomatous herbaceous perennial 

Hardiness Zone: USDA zones 4a-9b

Habit: Plants grow 3 feet tall x about 2 feet wide. 

Sun/Soil: Full sun in average soil 

Germination/Sowing: These seeds will require a period of cold stratification. (Full instructions will be included with seeds.)

Growing/Care: Lovely plant that does well in open, damp, temperate conditions. 

Like many Irises parts of the plant are poisonous. 

Harvesting: N/A

Culinary Uses: N/A

Medicinal Uses: N/A

Themes/Designs: Cottage garden, Flower, Meadow

(Seeds and photos provided by my friend Evan Bean over at The Practical Plant Geek.) 

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