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Meconopsis cambrica var. aurantiaca Seeds (Orange Welsh poppy)

Meconopsis cambrica var. aurantiaca Seeds (Orange Welsh poppy)

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Welsh poppies are a favorite garden perennial for many gardeners. They bloom easily and freely from spring through midsummer. Blooms wiggle and shake in the slightest breeze giving them a kind of movement only seen in a few other plants. Small children really like them a lot so consider it if you have a little one helping you in your own little Eden. Garden fairies like them too *wink* *wink*.

In addition, the paper-like blooms are far stronger than they look. If one reaches its end too soon though, another is often just waiting there to open up. 
Great plant native to Western Europe. 

Germination instructions are included with your seeds. These are moderately easy to germinate. (about 200 seeds)

Basic Plant Facts:
Meconopsis cambrica var aurantiaca
Grows 12-18" x 12"
Likes partial to full shade and they like wet feet
USDA zones: 3a-11 

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