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Silene coronaria — Rose Campion — 250 Seeds

Silene coronaria — Rose Campion — 250 Seeds

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Common Names: Rose Campion, Bloody Mary, Bloody William, Lychnis, Mullein Pinks 

Botanical Name: Silene coronaria or Lynchis coronaria

Plant Family: Caryophyllaceae

Native Range: Asia and Europe

Life Cycle: Short-lived Perennial

Hardiness Zone: USDA zones 3a-9b

Habit: Grows 2 to 3 feet tall x 12 to 15 inches wide 

Sun/Soil: Full sun to partial shade in regular garden soil

Germination/Sowing: These seeds will require cold stratification. (Full instructions will be included with seeds.)

Growing/Care: When it comes to tough and wooly perennials with blooms—this is a cottage garden classic. Along with Lamb's Ear (Stachy byzantina) and the white form of this plant (Lynchis coroneria 'Alba') it can be left to do as it pleases and will need little to no irrigation. After these plants bloom, they all need to be cut back. If not, they'll dry and reseed, If that's not an issue, then let them be, and move on with your summer! You can weed out the unwanted seedlings later and keep the ones you want. 

Harvesting: N/A

Culinary Uses: N/A

Medicinal Uses: N/A

Themes/Designs: Cottage, Low water, Pollinator, Meadow, Wildlife, Flower


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