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Stipa barbata Seeds (Silver feather grass)

Stipa barbata Seeds (Silver feather grass)

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One of the most ornamental grasses, this Mediterranean may be a slow grower but it's a show-er! The long plumes you'll find adorning its tight clump midsummer are actually awns attached to lovely seeds. As they wave in the breeze they shimmer. After they begin to fade a bit, you can collect them and used them in arrangements around your house or pass them along to friends as gifts. 
The plant grows slowly and the clump can eventually reach up to 3 feet so be sure to divide as needed. Plant with eryngiums and other dry plants like alliums. Plants with contrasting foliage 

Germination instructions are included with your seeds. Germination can be erratic and slow. (about 25 seeds)

Basic Plant Facts:
Stipa barbata
Grows 12-18" x 15-18"
Likes full sun
Hardy to USDA zone 6a

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