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Arbutus unedo — Strawberry Tree — 35 Seeds

Arbutus unedo — Strawberry Tree — 35 Seeds

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Common Names: Strawberry Tree, Killarney Strawberry Tree

Botanical Name: Arbutus unedo

Plant Family: Ericaceae

Native Range: Mediterranean region, and into Western Europe (parts of Ireland and Western France)

Life Cycle: Evergreen shrub or small tree

Hardiness Zone: USDA zones 7b-9b

Habit: Flowers are pale pink to white and appear in mid-fall to early winter. Plant can reach 20-30 feet tall and 20 feet wide. (Can be pruned to control size.)

Sun/Soil: Full sun

Germination/Sowing: These seeds are not easy to propagate and will require some special attention to temperature. 

Growing/Care: Arbutus unedo is a tough plant. It can take rough conditions and flourish. Grows well in poor soil in full sun. 

Harvesting: Harvest the seeds when the fruits are red.

Culinary Uses: Fruit can be eaten fresh but it doesn't keep well. More frequently fermented for traditional kinds of drinks and can be made into preserves. 

Medicinal Uses: Leaves have been used traditionally in herbal medicine. 

Themes/Designs: Mediterranean, Ecological, Low water, Pollinator 

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